ItsWorthWalkingAbout TheTarn


#ItsWorthTalkingAbout currently has groups operating in Bingley, Cross Roads, Haworth, Headingley, Queensbury, Silsden, Thornton,Tong & Wilsden.


MENS all start 7pm
Keighley, Ginning Rat - Monday

Tong, Holiday Inn Leeds Bradford - Monday

Haworth, West Lane Baptist Church - Tuesday

Thornton, Plenty, South Square - Tuesday

Wilsden, Village Hall - Tuesday

Bingley, Holy Trinity Church - Wednesday

Silsden, Many Hands at No.25 - Thursday


WOMENS all 7pm unless stated

Keighley, MINT - Monday

Thornton - COMING SOON

Silsden, Many Hands at No.25 - Tuesday - 6pm

Headingley, HEART - Tuesday

Cross Roads, The Burnt Bear - Wednesday

Bingley, Holy Trintiy Church - Thursday - 6.30pm


MIXED starts 9am

It's Worth Running About - Cliffe Castle - Sunday


YOUTHS 13 to 16 starts 7pm

Haworth Village Hall - Tuesday